Warrior Woman Wellness is a signature 16-week intensive coaching program created by Dr. Yami specifically for women who are seeking personal growth and change in their lives. It’s a unique combination of education, accountability and group support to help individuals achieve significant physical and emotional transformation.

Studies show that when mothers lead healthy lifestyles, they instill these same habits in their families and everyone benefits – the key to healthy children and families begins with women!

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Warrior Women Wellness focuses on:

Your Nutrition. Nutrition is vital to your health, your wellbeing and your longevity. You will learn what and how to eat to optimize your health.

Your Mindset. How you think affects your entire life. You will learn ways to change your perspective in order to make real progress towards achieving your goals.

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With emphasis on 4 powerful components:


Coaching Sessions. Dive deeper into your obstacles and roadblocks so you can push ahead on your journey to reaching your goal!  Warrior Women will meet with Dr. Yami in weekly and biweekly sessions, conducted either in person or via video conference. (12 sessions are included.)

Educational Modules. Develop the skills and tools you’ll need to reach your goals. Each Warrior Woman will have access to 16 educational modules to expand your knowledge and inspire growth.

Interactive, Daily Accountability. Establish long-term habits and learn how to successfully self-coach with daily accountability. With the help of an easy-to-use app, regular one-on-one coaching and group support, women are able to check in and problem solve between coaching sessions.

Social Interaction. Interact with other, like-minded women and garner support in a private Facebook group created specially for Warrior Women. For local participants, there are opportunities for live presentations and potlucks throughout the year.

Client Testimonials:

“I have learned so much from Dr. Yami and have received so much support along the way. The investment in myself has been worth every penny spent and every moment listening to Dr. Yami’s modules. I have learned things that will help myself and my family the rest of my life. She is a treasure. Enjoy the journey.”

Linda M.

“Dr. Yami is truly a gem and Yakima is extremely lucky to have her in the community. She is patient, thoughtful, kind, motivating and a total warrior. I highly recommend her Warrior Women Wellness program and am so thankful I took the leap and joined her program 10 months ago. I’m a better person because of it and am now in a better position to help others in need in both my work and my personal life.” 

Virginia L., Yakima, WA

“Yami's course is educational, inspirational, motivational and practical. The premise of non-judgement is refreshing as there is no set standard but instead support to build upon educated choices. The check-ins are equally educational and supportive for making adjustments. The app is helpful to remain accountable and visually see your progress.”


“Dr. Yami has managed to create a program that doesn’t feel like a program with rules and regulations. Instead, it’s an inspiring mentorship and an opportunity to grow alongside other women on the same journey. I no longer feel defeated. I feel triumphant, I feel empowered, I feel confident that the changes I’ve made will be sustainable and I will reap tremendous benefits now and in the future.”

– Eva Lounsbury