Speaking from the perspective of physician, mother and/or coach, Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster is able to inspire audiences with an important message about the power of nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

Comfortable speaking to both small and large groups, Dr. Yami often utilizes interactive technology to engage audiences so that they are able to easily process and apply information. With a unique background as a physician, coach, and certified Jack Canfield trainer she is able to seamlessly blend her knowledge, experience and medical training into impactful presentations on a variety of topics.

Dr. Yami - Speaking Engagements
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Topics include:

The 5 Eating Habits of Healthy Families

Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters

Many parents are confused about what and how to feed their children. Dr. Yami presents her simple, easy-to-follow approach to feeding kids, having fun and staying sane. Parents will feel a sense of relief, armed with practical tools that they can integrate into their family’s lives.

Optimize Your Family’s Health: Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits You Can Start Today

Optimize Your Family’s Health: Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits You Can Start Today

Raising children is hard, but health-promoting habits don’t have to be! Dr. Yami removes the confusion and focuses on identifying the most important nutrition and lifestyle habits that families can practice in order to raise healthy children.

Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Creating the Life of Your Dreams

What does your ideal practice look like? Perfect for medical school students or residents, Dr. Yami shares her experiences as the owner of a pediatric micropractice offering ideal medical care to patients. In this interactive, workshop-style presentation, she inspires medical students and residents to reach for their own dreams. 

Beyond the Vegan Trend: Sustainable Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits for Health and Beyond

Beyond the Vegan Trend: Sustainable Habits for Health and Longevity

Is veganism here to stay or just a trend? Tailored for audiences who are already familiar with plant-based or vegan diets, Dr. Yami discusses ways individuals can further implement nutrition and lifestyle habits into their daily routine.

Upcoming events:

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Event organizers have said:

“Almost five years ago, I heard Dr. Yami present on Food for Life for the first time. She inspired me to give a plant-based lifestyle a try. Today, my health screening is significantly better and I have lost 20lbs and maintained. Because of her, I am thriving! Dr. Yami is a very passionate, engaging speaker, and I would highly recommend her.”

Kate Gottlieb, Sustainability Coordinator Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital

“Our entire family loves Dr. Yami's passionate and tender way of sharing insightful information of healthy living for the entire family to embrace. Our kid's loves her kind and gentle responses even when it is not the answer that they were wanting to hear! Thank you Dr. Yami! You are our favorite WFPB Pediatrician!”

– Faith & Will Scott, Get2dRoot Health and Wellness